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Simple Rule to Follow to Keep Your Identity Safe

Safe Registering a domain can be a tricky experience that can leave your personal information vulnerable to a motley of hackers and scammers. Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, are all easily attainable for virtually any website very easily and without cost. Fortunately, there are ways to protect both your domain and your information.

Private domain registration allows the domain owner to register a website through a third party. Somewhat similar to a firewall, private domain registration protects your domain by shielding your registration information from prying eyes. In the event of a information request search, registering a private domain would return with the information of the private domain registration service rather than the owner, keep your information safe and secure. Existing since the advent of the Internet, A WHOIS search is an online-based query and retrieval service that fetches and displays the name of any registered domain owner, along with any other information that was provided at registration time.

There are no limits on who can access a WHOIS search, or for what reasons, and though not intended for the purpose has unintentionally abetted identity theft. Registering a domain through a private domain service protects your information from inquiring searchers and prying eyes, and though there are other steps that should be taken to completely hedge your security, private domain registration is the strongest one can take to protect yourself. Registering a private domain is a lengthier process than a WHOIS search.

Many existing domain hosting sites have the option available when one registers their domain to register it through a private service for a nominal yearly fee. Domains By Proxy is the leading private domain registration service, and has three ways to register a private domain. The first is to purchase the option from a web-hosting service for a new or previously established website. The second is to add privacy when the ownership is transferred to a new web-hosting service, and the last means is to add privacy to website on backorder.

Private domain registration is one that many business owners forget about until it is too late. Protecting your information is the first and perhaps most important step in keeping yourself free from scammers, spammers, and potential identity thieves. The service is simple and affordable enough for any domain registrar to go about the process of protecting their information, and with a WHOIS search becoming more and more utilized, the information used to register your domain can potentially be just as important than the information on your webpage.

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